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Building bridges in Hamburg - Germany

At FANUS e.V., wellbeing is at the forefront of what we’re working together towards interagration of African migrants. Our integration programs and activities are designed to be a catalyst that helps community members to reach out to new neighbours and vice-versa. Learn more about the positive impact we have and join us in bringing about positive change.



PROJECT - WDWIB Hamburg Theme: Intercultural religious and educational exchange. German language + computer courses classes for migrant women and a day visit to a mosque that was once a church in Hamburg.


Event -NGO Voluntary work fair - Hamburg. Theme: All NGO`s in Hamburg had the opportunity to show case their work and look for volunteers. The first venue was hosted by the Hamburg Chamber of Commerce and the second one at the Kampnagel. Our NGO stand was visited by the former Mayor of Hamburg - Mr Olaf SCHOLZ who is now our new German Chancellor.


Event - FANUS - ERITREA DAY in Hamburg Theme: Members annual congress get together



Event - German NGO congress invitation to Berlin Theme: Special recognition of social work in Hamburg for African migrants and political asylum youth integration. Invitation by the German Federal Republic President his excellency Frank-Walter STEINMEIER  including tour of the official residence and castle gardens with live entertainment  in Berlin 

Guests registration at castle
Front lawn of castle
The Castle Butler and Guide
Small gala hall
Seating small gala Hall
Day entertainment - Castle Bellevue
Garden party - Castle Bellevue
Former Federal Presidents
Day entertainment - Castle Bellevue
Big gala hall
Gala table - fully prepared
Big gala hall
Enjoying the tour - C. Dose  &  S. Tsehaye
Office of the Federal President
Office of the Federal President
Office of the Federal President
Federal President & First Lady -  Mrs Elke Büdenbender
Selfie with the 12th  Federal President -
Evening garden party - Castle Bellevue


Work - Shop: There is nothing better than cooking together in order to get to know each others traditions. We did a one-day cooking workshop in a school kitchen to practically learn about German traditional food!

Preprations to make traditonal bread
What are u cooking here_
Preparing the vegetables for the soup
Preparing the raw fish delicacy
Raw fish delicacy - falvoured in vinegar and salt
Making traditional German bread
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